2017 Summer Promotion Results Are Here!

Internship in Vietnam


Hanoi, April 14th 2017 The results for SE Vietnam’s 2017 Summer Promotion Winners are in and we are pleased to announce the 7 lucky Winners. Let’s check out if you or your best friend is one of them.



  1. Diego Antonio Alba Espinosa – Colombia
  2. Henry Millet – France
  3. Maciej Tomasz Bilewski – Poland
  4. Huong Giang Doan – U.S.A
  5. Huynh Nhu Luu– Canada
  6. Jonathan Josephs Spaulding – U.S.A
  7. Magdalena Krysiak – Poland

These amazing individuals are the 7 early birds to successfully secured a FREE Internship Placement of $500 with SE Vietnam. The internship placement offer wonderful opportunities for students to find a dream internship in Vietnam in these various industries where SE Vietnam has extensive network of partnerships with:

  1. Agriculture Internship 
  2. It Internship
  3. Education Internship
  4. Engineering Internship
  5. Environment Internship
  6. Hospitality & Tourism Internship 
  7. Business Development Internship
  8. Social Work & Community Development Internship
  9. Medical & Healthcare Internship
  10. Finance – Banking & Laws Internship

Congratulations again to the 7 lucky winners of Student Exchange Vietnam’s 2017 Summer Promotion. Now all there’s left to do before your dream internship in Vietnam is to excel that internship placement, get your luggage and get away for a summer of a lifetime.


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