Social Work & Community Development Internship



Overview: Along with its fast-growing economy, Vietnam has also seen a lot of social problems arising in recent years. To help solve those issues, a number of Non-profit/Not-for-profit organizations and Social Enterprises have been founded from North to South to address different topics from child rights, nutrition, family planning to sustainable development, social justices and post-war issues. Come to Vietnam and make your internship abroad a life-changing experience not only for yourself but also for the place on which you leave your footprints. 

Work Benefits:
International students will usually get some or all of the following benefits provided by their host organizations while doing an internship in Vietnam: 
  • Professional on-the-job training
  • Build business network
  • Develop project management skills
  • Reference letter for good performance
  • Certificate of completion
  • Get monthly allowance and/or other types of financial support 
It should be noted that the benefits a student can be provided with often vary by placement and depend mostly on their host organization. 
Internship Titles: Project Coordinator and/or Project Assistant for different social and community projects in different fields including: Corporate Engagement, Agent Orange, Capacity Development, Child Rights, Climate Change, Community-based and Responsible Tourism, Disability, Disaster Management, Ethnic Minorities, Eye Care, HIV-AIDS Prevention, Landmines, Microfinance, Sustainable Agriculture and Natural Resources, Water Supply, Sanitation and Hygiene, Social Performance Management, etc. 
Intern Requirements: 
  • Be enrolled in university, graduated or have relevant work experience in the field of interest
  • Languages: English (required by most host organizations) 
  • Proficient computer skills: MS Office, Email, Internet Usage, etc
  • Soft skills & interpersonal skills (communication, teamwork, presentation, decision-making, time management, etc)
  • Passion for work & ability to work under pressure 
  • Other specialized knowledge, professional skills & qualities to perform the job (vary by placement and depend on the specific host organization) 

  • Main tasks:

    1. Find potential B2B partners and export opportunities
    2. Communicate and do sales with current partners
    3. Monitor and manage export orders
    4. Brainstorm activities to build and maintain relationships with Tohe’s partners (communication activities, deal offers etc.)
    5. Be a part of Tohe’s team and contribute ideas to company business development strategies in general
    6. Research international trends and suggest necessary improvements to products


    Host Organization


    TÒHE ( is a social enterprise in Vietnam that provides a creative learning playground for disadvantaged children to play and learn in a different academic setting. Selected artworks from art classes have been redesigned and printed on lifestyle products such as: clothes, accessories, home ware, toys, etc, branded under the name TÒHE and distributed both in Vietnam and internationally. Portion of profits are used to fund the creative class & scholarship program for talented children.

    In designing their products, TÒHE explores the innocent beauty, free coloring and infinite imagination of the kids’ art. The disadvantaged kids’ art also reflect their optimism and love of life, it proves that difficulties and deprivations cannot hinder the spirit, the soul and the imagination.

    TÒHE’s founders would like to encourage more innocent and care-free approaches to life in a world with more sincere, equal and helpful relationships among people. They are trying their best to bring as many TÒHE products to consumers as possible in an effort to spread and nurture the innocence and pure joy of children that many people lack because of the worries and pressures of adult life.

    TÒHE is named after a Vietnamese traditional toy made from rice flour and natural colors which, once it has been used as a plaything, can also be eaten. TÒHE project aims to be like a toy in creating opportunities for children to play while generating income to improve their lives.

  • Main tasks:

    1. Assistance in project activities (field trips, editing/revising proposals and reports, provide opinions, contribute ideas, etc)
    2. Assistance in Support Relations (SR) activities
    3. Support ADO’s staff in English skills


    Host Organization


    ChildFund Australia is an international development agency that works in partnership with children and their communities to create lasting and meaningful change by supporting long‐term community development and promoting children’s rights. ChildFund Australia’s goals are to deliver quality development programs that are respectful, responsive and effective. ChildFund began working in Vietnam in 1995 and operates community development programs in the areas of education, water and sanitation, sustainable livelihoods, food security, child rights and child protection and maternal and child health, including HIV prevention. ChildFund’s programs are being implemented across the northern provinces of Bac Kan, Cao Bang and Hoa Binh, where the majority of people are from ethnic minority groups, often the most vulnerable or marginalized sections of the population.

  • Main tasks:

    1. Work in Project Department
    2. Conduct research on various social & economic themes (agriculture, rural development, economics, financial services, green growth policies and technologies, support program to persons with disabilities, etc…)
    3. Propose new ideas for project team to develop new community development projects.


    Host Organization


    MACDI is a science and technology organization which aims to improve the position/living conditions of: 1) Communities threatened by natural disasters; 2) People who do not receive sufficient (medical) care; 3) Poor farmers: helping with improved, sustainable agricultural production and integration in agricultural chains while maintaining food security, extending microcredit loans; 4) People living in urban slums: using a multi-actor approach to create better living conditions, along with concrete initiatives for community regeneration; 5) Capacity building for small and medium enterprises, cooperatives and micro-finance institutions so that they can expand their impact to their members.

    MACDI provides practical solutions which address the issues of environment protection, economic growth, climate change response, gender equality, market-oriented and market linkage. MACDI supports organizations, small enterprises and cooperatives in reaching their business success so that they have positive impacts on poor people, helping them to increase income and improve life quality. MACDI is proud to be a partner of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) and Co-operative Alliances of Vietnam (CAV). It has provided technical support to more than 10,000 customers from small enterprises and a member of the Co-operative Alliance of Vietnam. In addition, MACDI implements micro-finance program integrated with programs to support business development, environmental protection, climate change adaptation and gender equality. The program has helped more than 8,500 women from ethnic minority in Hoa Binh, Quang Binh, and Ha Giang, the poorest provinces of Vietnam achieve sustainable livelihood.

  • Main tasks:

    The intern is expected to provide comprehensive support for Vietnam Project Unit which includes but not limited to the following tasks:

    1. Assist project team in researching, preparing documents for trainings and workshops, design training/workshop backdrops, standees, posters, and producing training/workshop video clips, etc.
    2. Do reception work when required
    3. Conduct logistics for project activities and travels
    4. Assist the office’s administrator in general admin work at the office


    Host Organization


    Kenan Institute Asia is a knowledge and capacity building organization implementing results-oriented, social and economic development programming on a not-for-profit basis.  With their headquarter in Bangkok, they conduct activities in Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam, as well as regional activities in Southeast Asia. Their focus areas include business and economic development, education, public health, and corporate social responsibility.

*Note: Internship placements and job descriptions can always be CUSTOMIZED to best meet students’ personal and professional goals


Featured Host Organizations: SNV Netherlands Development Organization Vietnam (SNV Vietnam), Microfinance and Community Development Institute (MACDI), Centre for Sustainable Rural Development Centre for Sustainable Rural Development (SRD), Good Neighbors International in Vietnam (GNI), etc.  


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The most satisfying aspect about my internship in Vietnam was my local buddy and my host family. They have always been very nice and inviting during my stay there


It is a lot more than just an internship. I won’t be writing how beautiful this country is, how friendly people are and how good the food is, you will just have to come here and find out by yourself.


I saw the professional and dynamic style after working through a long project with SE Vietnam


I am satisfied with everything that SE Vietnam arranged for me & would definitely recommend this program to my friends/colleagues that are interested in doing internship abroad. 


In general, I am satisfied with the internship in Vietnam provided by SE Vietnam before I came to Vietnam. My host family placement exceeded my expectations.