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May typically marks the end of school and the beginning of summer (for the Northern hemisphere at least), which is certainly a popular time to go abroad and pick up an internship! And that’s exactly what happened for 16 students this past month. The weather is hot and the opportunities are plentiful here in Vietnam, and we are happy to welcome all of these students for their own adventures. Each with their own hopes and expectations, these students are all unique, but one thing they all have in common is big goals! Spending a month or more in a foreign country can be challenging, but they have all overcome their own difficulties and found success in their time here so far.


In Hanoi we welcomed 11 students from the Ivey Global Laboratory Program by the Ivey Business School in London, Ontario, Canada. There is a lot we can say about this group, so you can read more about them here where we went in depth about what the students are doing during their time here. In brief, they were divided into 4 groups, each working at different companies with specialized projects. Group programs are a great experience for everyone involved! If you would like to know more about these programs or how to get one for your school, please send us an email. We’d love to hear from you!



Hoi An
In Hoi An we welcomed Morgan Marta from Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. She is doing a climate change/marine protection internship for 6-weeks. She is at the Biosphere Reserve Office in Hoi An shadowing what is happening at the office and attending some events such as conferences and workshops on ecotourism. She is writing a lot of articles and connecting what she is learning at the biosphere to her program at school which is global and international studies. It certainly sounds like Morgan is having a very successful time in Hoi An, and we hope it only continues to get better!



Ho Chi Minh City
In Ho Chi Minh City we welcomed four students, all in medical fields and working at local hospitals! Our first student this month was Cole McDougall who studies at South Dakota State University and has been interning in the ophthalmology department observing eye surgeries. Cole is getting along very well with his coworkers and has been making the most of his short 4 weeks in Vietnam! We also welcomed Theodora Vo from the University of Texas – Austin for a nursing internship working primarily with children. Theodora has Vietnamese roots and is staying with family friends and brushing up her Vietnamese language skills! Her childhood friend Andy Feng from Houston University has also joined her. Andy is originally from Taiwan but has spent most of his life in Texas. He is currently doing a physical therapy internship. Lastly we welcomed Alison Burelbach. But Ali is no Vietnam newbie! She has spent her most recent semester studying abroad in Vietnam through her university, Loyola University (Chicago). However, as her program came to an end, she did not want to leave Vietnam. So she turned to SE Vietnam for a 10-week physician’s assistant internship! During her stay here she’ll be doing ER, cardiology, infectious disease, and general surgery at Nhi Dong 2 hospital, and neurology and surgery at Gia Dinh hospital.



Staff Changes
This month was not only big for our students, but also our staff! We said goodbye to two beloved and important staff members, Boss Ha and Small Ha. They both are moving on to amazing opportunities in the United States and starting their own adventures, but they left behind huge shoes to fill! So in the past two months we have also welcomed 4 staff members! Ms. Ngan and Ms. Natasha have interned for Student Exchange in the past, but we have now welcomed them as staff members. Natasha is our new Marketing Executive and Ngan has taken over the role of…just about anything and everything she is needed for (which is a lot at the moment)! We have also welcomed Ms. Thu and Mr. Tung as program coordinators for Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, respectively. As we have transitioned to an almost entirely new team, it has been a learning process for all of us, but a fun one, as we all love welcoming our new students and helping to make their time here a success!


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