Michelin Star Restaurants Vietnam 2023: An Epicurean Odyssey

When it comes to culinary excellence, few accolades hold as much prestige as the coveted Michelin stars. These stars serve as a testament to exceptional dining experiences, showcasing the mastery of chefs and the artistry of their creations. In recent years, Vietnam has emerged as a culinary destination to watch, captivating taste buds with its vibrant flavors and diverse gastronomic offerings. Now, in 2023, Vietnam proudly boasts its own collection of Michelin-starred restaurants, solidifying its place on the global culinary map. Join us as we delve into the realm of gastronomic excellence and explore the remarkable Michelin star restaurants Vietnam that await you. Get ready for a culinary journey that will leave you inspired and craving for more.

Overview of the Vietnamese culinary scene

Vietnam’s culinary scene is a tapestry of flavors, aromas, and traditions that reflect the country’s rich cultural heritage. From bustling street food markets to elegant fine dining establishments, Vietnam offers a diverse range of culinary experiences that cater to all tastes and budgets.

One of the factors contributing to Vietnam’s culinary prowess is its abundant natural resources. With fertile lands and a long coastline, the country is blessed with an array of fresh, locally sourced ingredients. From fragrant herbs and aromatic spices to succulent seafood and tropical fruits, Vietnamese cuisine celebrates the beauty and bounty of its natural surroundings.

In recent years, Vietnamese chefs have been making waves on the global stage, garnering recognition for their innovation and creativity. With a deep respect for tradition and a willingness to push boundaries, these talented chefs are redefining Vietnamese cuisine and captivating the palates of diners worldwide.

The emergence of Michelin-starred restaurants in Vietnam is a testament to the country’s culinary evolution. As Vietnam continues to gain international acclaim, Michelin inspectors have taken notice of the exceptional dining experiences offered by Vietnamese establishments. The coveted Michelin stars serve as a seal of approval, highlighting the excellence and mastery found within Vietnam’s culinary landscape.

In the next section, we will delve into the specific Michelin star restaurants in Vietnam in 2023, unveiling the hidden gems and culinary treasures that await food enthusiasts and travelers alike. Get ready to embark on a gastronomic adventure like no other as we explore the vibrant flavors and remarkable dining experiences of Michelin star restaurants in Vietnam.

Michelin star restaurants in Vietnam in 2023

Vietnam’s culinary scene has reached new heights in 2023, with a collection of Michelin-starred restaurants that showcase the country’s culinary excellence. These esteemed establishments have been recognized by the prestigious Michelin guide, renowned for its discerning assessment of culinary mastery. Let’s dive into the culinary wonders of the Michelin star restaurants in Vietnam.

1. Anan Saigon

Anan Saigon, situated in Ho Chi Minh City, has gained renown as a renowned fusion restaurant. Since its opening in April 2017, it has quickly established itself as a culinary destination. Within a short span of nearly two years, Anan Saigon proudly earned the prestigious “Restaurant voted by the council in 2018” award.

The journey to success for Anan Saigon was no easy feat. Owner Peter Cuong Franklin’s unwavering dedication to elevating Vietnamese cuisine onto the global stage played a pivotal role in achieving the restaurant’s current stature. The success of Anan Saigon is a testament to the relentless efforts, perseverance, and the cherished dream of showcasing the rich flavors of Vietnamese cuisine to the world.

Anan Saigon offers a distinct approach to Vietnamese culinary delights. Each dish reflects its historical significance, blending traditional street food with contemporary culinary techniques. This unique fusion results in a cuisine that is both delectable and fresh, encapsulating the essence and authentic flavors of Vietnam.

Situated in one of Ho Chi Minh City’s bustling open-air markets, Anan Saigon enjoys a location that adds to its charm. Despite being nestled within this vibrant market, the restaurant is easily accessible. With its prime position just a stone’s throw away from Bitexco Tower and Nguyen Hue pedestrian street, Anan Saigon occupies a coveted spot.

Address: 89 Ton That Dam, Ben Nghe, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

2. GIA

Gia Restaurant is a high-end Vietnamese cuisine establishment in Hanoi. Its name, GIA, is derived from the word “family,” which refers to the love of one’s family, and it is used to describe how GIA celebrates Vietnamese food, culture, and family love. Founded by Sam Tran (Head Chef) and Long Tran (Managing Director), both of whom have international fine dining experience, the restaurant aims to elevate Vietnamese cuisine and offer a unique and modern dining experience.

Located opposite the Temple of Literature, Gia is housed in a historic building that preserves the traditional architectural elements of old Hanoi. The restaurant incorporates cultural elements and serves as a platform for sharing stories and showcasing local artifacts to both international and Vietnamese diners.

Gia embraces traditional dining customs, including the use of chopsticks, which hold significant cultural value in Vietnam. The menu at Gia features a changing Tasting Menu with over 10 pre-determined dishes and accompanying beverages. The dishes draw inspiration from Sam Tran’s personal memories and various regions of Vietnam, presenting traditional flavors in a new and exciting way.

Address: 61 Văn Miếu District, Văn Miếu, Đống Đa, Hà Nội 100000

3. Hibana by Koki

Hibana by Koki is the only Japanese-style restaurant in Vietnam that has been awarded a prestigious Michelin star, specifically for its unique Teppanyaki cuisine at Hibana.

Known as the oasis of high-end Japanese Teppanyaki cuisine in Hanoi, Hibana at Koki captures the hearts of sophisticated food enthusiasts. This esteemed accolade is a testament to the restaurant’s strong commitment to the artistry of culinary mastery. Hibana has emerged as a symbol of culinary innovation, skillfully blending the flavors of Japanese ingredients with those from around the world. The kitchen is led by Chef Yamaguchi, a highly experienced and skilled chef who has crafted a symphony of flavors using the finest ingredients sourced from Japan.

Hibana at Koki, located in the basement of the Capella Hotel in Hanoi, provides a visually stunning dining experience. With a cozy 14-seat setting, Chef Hiroshi Yamaguchi showcases his impressive expertise in the art of teppanyaki, meticulously preparing dishes that are bursting with exquisite flavors. The menu features a selection of luxurious dishes, crafted using top-quality ingredients that are directly imported from Japan twice a week. These ingredients include delectable items such as abalone, spiny lobster, sea urchin, Yaeyama Kyori beef, and Hokkaido hairy crab, offering a truly indulgent culinary experience.

Chef Yamaguchi’s culinary creations not only make a powerful visual impression but also indulge the taste buds of diners in an exceptional manner, reflecting the harmonious combination of umami (the fifth taste), kansha (deep respect for ingredients), and omotenashi (the Japanese art of hospitality). Through his culinary expertise, each dish prepared by Chef Yamaguchi showcases a perfect balance of flavors.

Address: Basement 1, Capella, 11 Le Phung Hieu, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi, Vietnam

4. Tam Vi

Tam Vi restaurant is a must-visit establishment known for its traditional Northern-style cuisine. It stands out as more than just a restaurant, but rather a welcoming family space where diners can experience the comfort and simplicity reminiscent of a homemade meal. The familiar dishes served at Tam Vi are prepared with a genuine “home-cooked” touch, evoking a sense of coziness that resembles gathering around a tray of rice with loved ones.

At Tam Vi, you have the opportunity to indulge in a satisfying family meal with a variety of options, including braised meat, braised fish, shrimp and meat rolls, grilled fish, jute vegetables cooked with crab, eggplant, pickles, and many other familiar dishes. The restaurant’s ambiance adds to the overall experience, resembling a warm and inviting old house.

As a popular choice for families, Tam Vi’s prices are slightly higher compared to other family restaurants. However, the elevated cost is met with a delightful array of delicious dishes, professional service, and a truly enjoyable dining environment. Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that Tam Vi has been awarded a prestigious Michelin star, further solidifying its reputation as a top-notch dining destination.

Address: 4B Yen The Street, Dong Da, Hanoi, Vietnam

Factors contributing to Michelin stars in Vietnam

The attainment of Michelin stars is a testament to the exceptional quality and craftsmanship exhibited by restaurants in Vietnam. Several key factors contribute to the recognition of these culinary establishments:

Culinary Mastery 

Michelin-starred restaurants in Vietnam exhibit a level of culinary mastery that sets them apart. Talented chefs combine their technical skills with a deep understanding of Vietnamese cuisine, resulting in dishes that are not only visually stunning but also bursting with harmonious flavors.

Creativity and Innovation

Michelin inspectors seek out restaurants that push the boundaries of culinary creativity. In Vietnam, chefs are embracing innovation by incorporating modern techniques and global influences into traditional Vietnamese dishes. This infusion of creativity creates unique and memorable dining experiences.

Quality of Ingredients

The use of fresh, high-quality ingredients is a hallmark of Michelin-starred restaurants. In Vietnam, where local produce is abundant, chefs have access to an array of vibrant herbs, spices, seafood, and vegetables that form the foundation of their culinary creations. The emphasis on sourcing top-quality ingredients elevates the overall dining experience.

Attention to Detail

Michelin inspectors pay close attention to every aspect of a restaurant, from the ambiance and service to the presentation of each dish. Attention to detail is a defining characteristic of Michelin-starred restaurants in Vietnam, as chefs and staff strive to create a harmonious and immersive dining experience for guests.


Consistency is key in the world of Michelin stars. Restaurants that maintain exceptional standards over time are more likely to be recognized. Michelin inspectors expect each visit to be as remarkable as the last, ensuring that diners can trust in the quality and excellence of Michelin-starred establishments in Vietnam.

These factors, combined with a passion for culinary artistry and a commitment to delivering extraordinary dining experiences, contribute to the attainment of Michelin stars in Vietnam. The dedication of chefs and restaurant teams to their craft ensures that each Michelin-starred restaurant is a beacon of gastronomic brilliance within the Vietnamese culinary scene.

The culinary sector in Vietnam has seen a dramatic metamorphosis, with Michelin-starred restaurants playing an important part in its development. As of 2023, numerous Vietnamese restaurants have earned the renowned Michelin star, demonstrating their dedication to culinary quality and innovation. These prestigious institutions expertly merge traditional Vietnamese cuisines with modern technology, enthralling both locals and foreign guests. This honor not only raises Vietnam’s culinary profile, but it also motivates local chefs to push limits and present the finest of Vietnamese food. These Michelin star restaurants Vietnam entice food connoisseurs and visitors to go on a delectable culinary voyage, immersing themselves in Vietnam’s dynamic and diversified cuisine culture.


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