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Time flies as one of the most hectic weeks for SE Vietnam occur. We welcomed and bid farewell to many students, including both group and individual international students. 

July 4th, 2017 We had to say a temporary goodbye to Niki Pham, a Nursing Intern from the University of Texas in Austin, U.S.A. Niki had a one-month Nursing Internship in Hanoi Vietnam. During her time here, she worked at the Emergency Department and ICU at a national hospital. Niki is a bubbly student who loves to experience novel things while not missing out on every opportunity to learn and brush up on her professional skills. You can hear about her experience of working in a Vietnam’s hospital compared to a medical facility in the U.S. in these blog posts.

internship in vietnam niki 2

Niki and her supervisor at the hospital

From July 5th to July 21st 2017 SE Vietnam welcomed the professor James Welsh and a group of students from University of Newcastle, Australia to Ho Chi Minh City for a Faculty-led Study Tour named Advanced Control System Design. As the saying goes, good times go fast, In an attempt to keep the still vivid memories in pictures, we would like to give you a glance of the greatly transformative journey that everyone in the group had through this photo album.

internship in vietnam 7

July 6th 2017  SE Vietnam welcomes Sarah Heard from the U.K to Vietnam for a one month Nursing Internship at a Public Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City. Sarah is a nurse and a world traveller; she had experience working as a nurse back in her hometown in England and has been living in Indonesia for 6 months before her internship in Vietnam.

internship in vietnam

July 20th 2017 Farewell to Maarten van Balen, Maarten is a student from the University of Edinburgh (Scotland). Maarten opted for 1-month Environmental Engineering Internship in Hanoi with a focus on Renewable Energy. Maarten has quite an interesting background; he is a Dutch citizen, born in Belgium, was living in Italy for 14 years, moved to Scotland 2 years ago to study, never lived in the Netherlands and can speak 4 different languages: Dutch, Italian, English and French. Follow us and expect to get lots of interesting updates from Maarten’s internship in Hanoi.


Maarten (middle) at the orientation by SE Vietnam before his internship in Vietnam


July 20th, 2017 SE Vietnam bid goodbye to Molly Simmons, Molly is our second intern from the U.K this year. Molly is a student of Geography major from the University of Liverpool, she was here for a one-month Climate Change Internship in Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam.


Molly enjoying her excursion to Halong Bay with local buddies and friends from SE Vietnam

July 26th, 2017 SE Vietnam said farewell to Loan Tang, from Kansas State University. Loan Tang is a 2nd year student of Biology and Pre-medicine and she can speak 3 languages English, Vietnamese and Chinese. Isn’t that impressive? She was in Hanoi, Vietnam for a 3 month internship in Traditional Medicine.

internship in vietnam

Loan visiting the Temple of Literature, a landmark of Hanoi. 

What surprises and fun events will be waiting for you at SE Vietnam in August? Stay tuned with us is the only way you’ll know how. Enjoy summer and the fun in the sun, but don’t forget to check out updated news from our website and Fanpage on Facebook.


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