Ms. Ha Ta

“I started my journey with SE Vietnam as a student local buddy (you should check them out, they’re pretty cool) and I kind of knew I wanted to do something like this. I love being able to experience different cultures and talk to people from all over the world. And working at SE Vietnam helped me do just that, through the computer screen and real-life interaction with our customers who are young, ambitious international students”

Ha is now playing her small part in SE Vietnam’s effort to put Vietnam as a destination for study and internship on the world map. As passionate as she is about seeing the world, she aims to bolster Vietnam’s beauty and opportunities to international students. She also loves to delve into a long late night talk with a cup of hot chocolate. She is an English Literature graduate at the Ho Chi Minh University of Social Sciences & Humanities, though she prefers listening to people’s life stories than reading legit literature works.