Saigon Airport Is Among The World’s Best For A Sleepover

Saigon Airport - Student Exchange

What is the most ideal airport to stay at during your layover? Saigon Airport, Tan Son Nhat, most likely would not come to mind first. However, many travelers who were in the Best Airports for Sleeping 2016 survey by the Guide to Sleeping in Airports confirmed so.

Sleeping Zone In Saigon Airport 

Tan Son Nhat International Airport, often known as Saigon Airport, was named one of the world’s top 25 transit airports. One of the reasons for the airport’s high ranking is the newly installed sleeping area. Furthermore, this airport was ranked 21st in the “Top 25 most sleep-friendly airports” by the Guide to Sleeping in Airports organization.

Sleeping Place In Saigon Airport - Student Exchange

Last year, Tan Son Nhat, the biggest in Vietnam, opened its first-ever sleeping zone after expanding the waiting area at its international terminal. The 100-square-meter (1,076-square-foot) zone is equipped with long wooden chairs and 20 sleeping lounges that anyone can use for free. Those who need more privacy can pay $7 an hour to use one of ten mini-sleeping pods.

Sleeping Area In Saigon Airport - Student Exchange

Also, each sleeping pod is four square meters and can accommodate an adult and a child under 7 years old. Drinking water and cold towels are part of the package. Next to the sleeping zone lies a playing area of 40 square meters for kids.

Furthermore, this year’s “Best Airports for Overall Experience” list was topped by Singapore Changi International Airport, followed by Incheon International Airport in South Korea.

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Airport Sleeping Area Evaluation Criteria

Besides, in their annual survey, the Guide to Sleeping in Airports polls asked travelers to rate airports worldwide based on their overall airport experience and rank their experience based on:

  • Comfort (Gate seating & availability of rest zones)
  • Services, facilities & things to do
  • Food options
  • Immigration/Security
  • Customer service
  • Cleanliness
  • Navigation and ease of transit
  • Sleep ability

Sleeping Zone In Saigon Airport - Student Exchange

The best airports in the world are the ones that inspire travelers to book a trip based on the receiving airport alone. From ultra-efficient processes to friendly staff and a wide array of activities one never thought could be found in an airport, these airports become a memorable part of any trip.

Saigon Airport - Student Exchange

In short, Saigon Airport has consistently endeavored to develop its infrastructure and deliver the finest customer care service possible. One of them is the sleeping space, which is likewise highly valued and popular with passengers. Furthermore, it is lucky to be one of the “Top 25 Most Sleep-Friendly Airports.”