SE Vietnam Local Buddy Network

A Volunteer (or Local Buddy) in Student Exchange Vietnam Program is defined as a person who will assist international students in Vietnam in terms of getting used to the accommodation, transportation, food, providing them guidance and timely support, hanging out and helping them socialize with the community around. We study the volunteers’ profiles and conduct an interview with them before inviting them in our program. All volunteers will be provided with guidelines and orientation before taking the job. 


Do our volunteers enjoy their jobs?

YEP! Because they…

– Are trained with working skills in an international community

– Can improve their language communication (English, Japanese, etc.) via daily conversation

– Participate in culture exchange and excursion with international students/interns (free of charge!)

– Become a member of Student Exchange Vietnam network, get updated information on scholarships and opportunities to go abroad

– Are awarded Honor Certificate by Student Exchange Vietnam

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Want to be a part of our Local Buddy System? Send us your application at ! 

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