SEND Group Internship Program 2019 for APU students

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On February 16th 2019, ABROADER welcomed 18 students from Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU), Japan to Vietnam for Student Exchange Nippon Discovery (SEND) – an one-month education internship program.


APU Students (assigned to Hanoi and Hai Phong) in Hanoi at the Abroader office

What is SEND internship program?

SEND is one part of the Project for the Promotion of Global Human Resources Development initiated by Japan’s Ministry of Education. The SEND program sends Japanese students to a one-month internship in Vietnam to teach Japanese language and Japanese culture classes. Its goals are to foster students’ positive development and to enhance their knowledge of Vietnamese culture. Besides, it’s also expected that these students become ambassadors to promote the image and culture of Japan to international students.


APU Students assigned to Ho Chi Minh City at the Abroader office


How is SEND 2019?

SEND 2019 is very special to us because we had 18 students divided into 6 well-known Vietnamese university in 3 different cities across Vietnam: Hanoi, Haiphong and Ho Chi Minh. These institutions are Hanoi University of Science and Technology, Hanoi University of Industry, Hai Phong University, Hai Phong Private University, HCMC University of Technology and University of Economics and Finance.

Students’ activities here were to teach Japanese language classes to the Vietnamese students as well as engage in various cultural exchanges. To maximize the students’ exposure to the authentic and vibrant Vietnamese life and culture, ABROADER also connected each student with host families who warmly took care of our Japanese students and showed them Vietnamese traditional values and normal lifestyle.

To help them well-adjusted to a foreign culture, ABROADER also equipped them with orientation sessions and our program coordinators frequently participated in their activities as well as lessons to provide prompt support.

During one month in Vietnam, besides Japanese classes to Vietnamese students, these APU students also joined exciting extracurricular activities such as: organizing calligraphy workshops, hanging out with their host families and exploring the cities with their Vietnamese peers.


APU Students assigned to Hai Phong introducing themselves to their class


The closing ceremony of SEND 2019

In the closing ceremony of SEND, it’s usual to have a final presentation from Japanese students in which they share about experiences of living and working in Vietnam. SEND 2019 was not an exception. However, due to the geographical separation, ABROADER organized an online meeting so that students and advisors from 3 cities could still listen to these sharings. This distance problem could not prevent students from comfortably recalling their memories in Vietnam and hearing other peers’ experiences.

On March 15th 2019, 18 APU students returned to Japan to continue their education and projects. We wish all the best to them and do hope beautiful experiences in Vietnam are good steps on their journey of pursuing their dreams.


Closing ceremony in Ho Chi Minh City

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