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Intern Remote Abroad Spring 2021

The global pandemic has shifted our lives in unprecedented ways. For many of our students, that means delayed travel plans, canceled classes and an unpredictable job market.

ABROADER are committed to helping students like you continue your abroad dreams and future-proof your careers with as much flexibility as possible. Read on to learn more about our Most Affordable Global Remote Internship Program & the wide range of scholarships available!

Program Highlights

Our Remote Internship Program is the perfect opportunity to future-proof your career with international working experience that matches your interests, career goals, schedule and budget.

Why Intern Remotely?

✔ Guaranteed placement in dynamic organizations, working on real projects hands-on to boost your employability

Personalized internship support from placement to orientation and during your internship

Flexible schedule – Full-Time/ Part-Time Internship with Customizable dates

✔ Valuable transferable skills such as cross-cultural communication, time management, remote working skills

Immerse yourself in Vietnamese & Asian culture through Weekly Interactive Cultural Sessions with local team and local buddies

For more information, read about Vietnam Remote Internship Program here.

Remote Internship Placement Opportunities

  • Biology & Public Health
  • Communications
  • Marketing & Business 
  • Finance & Law
  • IT & Analytics
  • Social Work & Community Development
  • Environment & Sustainability 
  • Social Sciences
  • Arts & Design
  • Architecture

* There are many more opportunities, as each placement is customized. Contact our Program Advisor  to get your personalized placement options.

Dates & Duration:

SPRING 2021: Full-Time/ Part-Time Internship:

Standard duration: 12 weeks (1 week off for New Year holiday):

  • Standard start date: January 21, 2021
  • Standard end date: April 22, 2021

 Internship Schedule is Customizable, ranging from 8, 12 to 16 weeks.  Contact our Program Advisor to develop your personalized internship plan.

Early Bird due date – USD $100 Discount: November 15, 2020

Standard Application due date: December 20, 2020

Program Fee:

Program Fee: USD $990


  • Individual Internship Advising (customized based on your interests, professional goals & schedule)
  • Guaranteed Internship Placement in your chosen field
  • Professional on-the-job training
  • Internship Orientation & Cultural Orientation
  • Ongoing internship supports
  • Weekly Interactive Cultural Immersion Sessions
  • Weekly check-ins with host supervisors and program coordinators
  • Virtual local buddies
  • E-certificate of completion
  • Reference letter for good performance


As part of our mission to help students continue their abroad dreams and future-proof their careers, we are happy to announce our Special Spring 2021 Intern Abroad Scholarships! The programs are open to students across the world applying for Vietnam remote internships.

Fresh Scholarship – USD $250
We believe it is never too early to gain work experiences. The earlier you start doing an internship, the more prepared you are for your career. This grant is awarded to rising 1st and 2nd-year university students with strong records of academic and extracurricular performance. To apply for this scholarship, include a cover letter explaining why you are deserving of this scholarship together with your application.
Vietnamese Heritage Scholarship – USD $250
We want to encourage students who are interested in Vietnamese culture to take up this opportunity to immerse in local cultures remotely. To apply for this scholarship, include a cover letter explaining why you are interested in this scholarship together with your application.
ABROADER’s Influencers – USD $350
This scholarship is awarded for high-achieving students who can bring positive impacts to the local community and inspire their peers to step out of comfort zones and explore the world of virtual working. You will be asked to submit an essay answering the following questions as part of your application:

  • Why should you be the one to receive this scholarship?
  • How will this scholarship help you get closer to your goals?


Scholarship Deadline
Similar to the Internship Application Deadline.

How to Apply

Visit our Remote Internship Program to learn more. Apply is as easy as clicking the “Apply Now” button!
Have questions? Our coordinator is here to guide you through all steps. Send us a message!

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