Students Pray for Success at Hanoi Temple Pre University Entrance Exam

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To any Vietnamese student, the entrance exam to the university is a very important one, probably the most important exam of a lifetime. The exam happens once a year and it decides whether or not one is qualified for the universities or not.  Due to such intense importance of the exam, high school students are required to give their full attention and hard work during the months or even years leading up to the exam, in some extreme cases, students are not allowed to hang out with friends, be in contact with electronic devices throughout the preparation method.

However, hard work is not the only necessary component that leads to a successful performance in the university entrance exam, you also need luck! Now, with only three days left before the university entrance exams, praying for good luck has become the new priority for thousands of students in Vietnam.

Van Mieu Quoc Tu Giam, the Temple of Literature, is a well-known tourist destination in Hanoi, but in the days running up to important exams during summer, you can expect to find crowds and crowds of students and parents coming for the hope of getting good luck.  The Temple of Literature was the first university in Vietnam and home to statues that celebrates outstanding scholars with doctorates in the past. Therefore, there is a strong belief among the Vietnamese people that visiting the Temple to pray before a big exam will bring giant good luck. 

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                                                         Students lining up at the Temple of Literature. Photo: VnExpress

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Keeping praying up-to-date. People prepare prayers on papers or sometimes, on their smart phones. Photo: VnExpress

In the past. A trip to the Temple of Literature to pray is not complete without the students touching the stone turtles’ heads. These turtle statues carry the names of doctorate students from 1442 to 1779 on them, and many believe this practice brings them good luck. Pictured are some students sneaking into a prohibited area to rub stone turtles’ heads. These turtle statues carry the names of doctorate students from 1442 to 1779 on them, and many believe this practice brings them good luck. 

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Photo: VnExpress

 Source: VnExpress


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