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When it comes to travelling, people think laying underneath the sun in a tropical paradise, seeping an exotic cocktail under the shades of palm trees. Well, although there is some truth to that imagery, there are much more education and self-development values to this frequently discussed and incredibly privileged activity.  Let’s go through some of the best inpirational travel quotes that we picked out to see what we can gain from travelling.

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There are many misconceptions about travelling and one of the most common is that travelling is to escape the monotonous life at home. While this can be true to some extent, this is not and should not be the entirety of why one travels. Travelling is also about one’s curiosity of another landscape, another culture, another people, when you crave for travelling, you crave for strange places, new way of life and meaningful interactions that provide you a more colorful and nuanced outlook of living. Therefore, when you set sail, get ready to learn and leave a good amount of space in your mind open for new perspectives.

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When you hear about travelling stories, you will often hear about the good food, cool bars, beautiful scenery, all the enjoyable and romantic sides of travelling. But other aspects like local people and life, culture shock or language barrier is rather less talked about. So, yes, travelling really is more than just leaving your country on a plane, it is also about taking yourself out of your comfort zone of ‘home’ and into the world full of surprises and even a lot of scary mishaps. 

However, what is life without adventure(s)? The more challenges you are presented with while abroad will either enhance or build more of your life skills like communication, problem solving and add more layers to your character and understanding of the world. 

So how should you prepare mentally for travel? There is no right or wrong answer, but keep in mind that you get out there and travel to learn. Learning is partly about being humble and knowing that your knowledge of the world is limited and seeing other parts of the world helps you expand that knowledge. You may be horrified to find out that some regions in South and Southeast Asia, people eat dog meat, or that the majority of people in India eat with their hands’ and you may be prompted to ask why these people don’t live to your common standards back home. Remember, when it comes to these situation, the better reaction is to get to the root of why local people do that, talk to local friends or explanation from a trust-worthy source and understand the reasons for the sake of knowlegde and not for criticism, this is when you leave yourself behind and start to learn about local ways of life.

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Now, if you are the more practical type and want to see the actual benefits of travelling on something concrete like getting a job, for example, then we have some scientific research findings that will give you exactly that. In a 2014 study of MBA students led by William W. Maddux, associate professor of organizational behavior at INSEAD, a link was discovered between students’ “multicultural engagement”—the extent to which they adapted to and learned about new cultures—and their “integrative complexity,” their willingness and capacity to acknowledge competing perspectives on the same issue. To put it simply, students who became highly engaged in other cultures abroad had an easier time managing multiple, conflicting viewpoints in mind at the same time. Their interactions with other cultures constructed a breadth of perspective that they didn’t have before. 

In addition, there was a further link between this multicultural engagement and the number of job offers these students received at the end of their MBA program, with the more engaged students receiving more job offers. Maddux concludes, “When individuals are exposed to the same multicultural environment, it is their psychological approach and engagement with different cultures that determines growth in integrative complexity and tangible increases in professional opportunities.” More multicultural experiences eventually mean more job offers. So in a very practical way, travel makes you richer, literally, it is an investment you definitely want to have in this increasingly globalized world.

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Finally, on of our favorite travel quotes, if we were meant to stay in one place, we would have roots instead of feet, right? So fellow wanderlusts or wanderlusts-to-be, travel away!

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