Natural Beauty, Affordability Drive Vietnam Up Global Travel Ranking

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The country could stand higher than its 67th position if more attention was paid to the environment.

1 internship in Vietnam ha giang

The breath-taking view of Ha Giang’s signature stair-case fields

A new World Economic Forum report revealed that Vietnam moved 8 spots higher on a global travel and tourism ranking. However, the country’s poor environmental protection and rising environmental issues are holding back its potential compared to other Asian countries.

The country ranks 67th among 136 economies in the Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report in 2017, standing proud among the 10 most-improved since 2015.

The report also measures each economy’s infrastructure, safety and hygiene, business environment and human resources. The competitiveness of Vietnam’s tourism industry is driven by its natural beauty, diverse landscape, exotic cultural, historical heritage and affordability. Captivating scenes from north to south and diverse cultures that amaze strangers are among the main reasons tourists are being drawn to Vietnam, while cheap prices are also a big plus.

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Apart from its natural beauty, Vietnam’s affordable cost of living and amazing gastronomy also attract tourists’ visits.

The WEF report forecasts that Vietnam will be among the top 10 fastest growing destinations for leisure travel spending in the next decade, together with other Asian markets like China, India, Myanmar and Thailand.

It said Vietnam has made “significant progress” on human resources and labor, and has raised 18 places in that category to 37th globally thanks to a better-qualified labor force and simplified regulations for hiring foreign workers.

In addition, security and safety also make Vietnam an increasingly attractive and ideal travel destination. Vietnam is the third safest country in Southeast Asia, while conflict-torn Thailand and the Philippines are among the world’s 20 most dangerous destinations.

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Vietnam is ranked the 3rd safest country in South East Asia. Photo:

However, Vietnam’s business environment is ranked in the region’s bottom three, together with Cambodia and the Philippines.

The report specifically stresses environmental issues in Vietnam as areas that need more focus. Its environmental sustainability ranks 129th globally, while waste emissions, deforestation and water treatment also earns low rankings.

The problem should be addressed at a multilateral level to build the foundation for a more sustainable development of the region, said the report, which is themed “Paving the Way for a More Sustainable and Inclusive Future.”

Spain remains in top spot this year with European countries dominating the top 10, which also includes the U.S., Australia and Canada.

Japan tops Asia at number 4, followed by Singapore in 13th and China in 15th. In Southeast Asia, Malaysia finishes in 26th, Thailand 34th and Indonesia 42nd.

African countries caught up in war wrap up the list.

Source: VnExpress International


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Chau Bao, the College of Wooster on a Sustainable Agriculture Internship in Vietnam with SE Vietnam


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